Map of Iraq



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  1. can someone leave a comment about iraq for me

    • tell those american to stop stealing our oil

      • We did not steal we purchased

      • As far as I know as an American we did purchase oil, as far as I have been told by news, and media. I do not believe everything I am told. I know that in some parts of usa we are paying 3 and 4 dollars a gallon for gas! I feel that PETA can suck eggs, and we should drill for oil in our own country! When we were attacked by terrorists in New York we should have flattend there country, like we could have done, but we did not. This war to me was not about oil!!!!!!

      • micheal901 Says:

        who gives a crap about oil what the heck do u do w/ oil that Americans can’t purchase geez its no big deal, im from Spain and I don’t care if people buy things from our country so get over it its just oil

  2. Look at little shit country below iraq. “kuwait” country consisting of homosexuals. I hate the British created the country. quite unnecessary. it belongs basrah and one day will we take it back!

  3. Flowerpower Says:

    Please, people, we all have the same color blood, we injure and shed the same. Why do you feel it to be so neccessary to fight so much. We need more understanding with one another, more listening to one another. We all want to feel safe, and have freedom with what we believe, no matter the country, religion, or otherwise. More love, less hate. Amen!

  4. True American Says:

    This comment is reference to “Pit”‘s comment saying “Tell them Americans to stop stealing our oil” The last time I checked we didn’t steal no ones oil, we purchased it! We purchase all oil we get from everyone! We Americans are not thieves! Stop the hate!


    HONESTLY………i wish all towlheads and foreiners would stay where they are from and stop coming to our country when they just bitch anyways!! they are taking OUR jobs from OUR people…. If they dont like where they are CHANGE IT………Get OFF your lazy towlhead ass and DO SOMTHING ABOUT IT AND CHANGE IT dont come here to America and try to be an AMERICAN CITIZEN becuase you aint even CLOSE to one of us!! I think they are rude and need to go back we are getting over populated with them and its rediculous……..there needs to be a stop to it and FAST!!

  6. I think there needs to be a balance between the idea of peace and tolerance and drawing the line and standing up for our Constitutional rights as Americans when they are threatened. The United States has thrived on being a haven for all people to experience freedom of thought and expression. However, when foreigners loose sight of respecting our values and rights and refuse to assimilate (perfect example is Islamic Muslim immigrants seeking imposition of Shirah law in our country) this is where we should draw the line as Americans. We need to defend what we have been given by our forefathers and the soldiers who have fought to keep us safe to express our thought’s, seek our own goals, build the lives that we choose. This is a gift. Few people in the world enjoy what we have in this respect. We should offer it to new Americans but staunchly defend what we have…

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  8. The Dalai Lama says the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are failures so far, but it’s too soon to tell if there will be positive outcomes in the end.

  9. I agree with americans they purchased it!!!!

  10. America needs to sort out its own democracy before it can occupy another country and try to install a democractic government there. Giving Iraqis the choice of one or another Pro-US leader is not democratic in the slightest. And by privatizing the oil companies and ‘buying’ or more likely ‘stealing’ the oil and selling to others at extortionate prices is hardly fair.

  11. What america needs to do is take a good look at it’s own state. The poverty rates are rising, and who would have thought, when the everyday brain washing media, along with political empty speeches, makes the U.S sound and come across as The Super Power? You look at your own country and try to fix it, the American health system, for example, could keep U.S politicians busy and have them put money in something useful for it’s people’s benefits, because trying to ‘civilise the people of Iraq’ and ‘Fighting for their freedom’ is just a mere excuse that the Iraqis themselves, and certainly an an Iraqi myself along with my friends, family, neighbours and everyone I know, never requested any help from anyone. ‘Spent and Approved War-Spending’ cost America about $900 billion of US taxpayers’, $1 billion was spent in tractor trailers, tank recovery vehicles, machine guns, rocket-propelled grenades and other equipment and services provided to the Iraqi security forces, Mismanaged and Wasted in Iraq costs are $10 billion, U.S. 2009 Monthly Spending in Iraq cost $7.3 billion as of Oct 2009, U.S. 2008 Monthly Spending in Iraq cost $12 billion, U.S. Spending per Second cost $5,000 in 2008 and the cost of deploying one U.S. soldier for one year in Iraq cost $390,000, now all this money was spent for a cause that no one asked for. Iraq was breeding terrorists, you might raise up? on what basis? that Saddam once met with Osama Bin Laden? I’ll raise this for you then: So did Bush! Stealing oil or not, such ridiculous amounts of money spent should be spent on America it self to sew it’s falling patches. Don’t get all patriotic, this is not about defending you’r country or mine, this is about seeing and telling the truth as it is, that much money spent is out of the taxes you pay and it’s not even going for your own benefits. Fighting terrorism cannot be done by the use military might; terrorism is an ideology that is spreading; it’s not a one nation thing, not a one state thing, nor is it any state’s national interest, therefore wasting troops and money for it is unwise and will reach no measures. Again looking at the problem and admiting is a goodstep towards a sloution, so Americans don’t just be defending your country stupidly, but consider the negative outcomes this had on you especially, before you go on about how your not thieves.

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